Woodland Design

With over 20 years’ experience, all woodlands are designed inhouse by our forester and ecologist. We have designed, delivered and managed woodlands within and alongside National Parks, National Scenic Areas, SPAs, SACs, SSSIs and LNCSs.

Our woodland designs are fully informed by our client’s objectives, alongside information gathered from the site assessment process.

Species Choice

Species choice is determined by your objectives for the woodland, e.g. productive, low-density native, etc. To understand what your site is capable of, we consider soil types, site aspect, slope, exposure, hydrology, and ecological survey results.

There are nine grant support options for woodland creation, each with specific requirements for composition and stocking densities. Most of the woodlands we create contain in excess of 16 tree species.

Woodland Type

Objectives for your woodland and how it’s felled (or not) in the future determine how it is planned at the start.

Many of our woodlands combine Continuous Cover Forestry CCF (broadleaves), clearfell (conifers) and no fell (low-density native broadleaves). This allows future income from woodland to be controlled as required by the client.


Using all information from the site assessment process, we use GIS to produce a woodland design. The client approves this map prior to any grant-funding application and it forms the basis of our contract to deliver and maintain it to year 6 (FGS will fund the initial planting year + 5 years of maintenance to get your woodland established).

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All Aspects Covered

Environmental Protection

Sensitive habitats are protected and, where possible, enhanced.


All workers and contractors on site are treated fairly and paid as agreed and on time.

High Quality Workmanship

We constantly strive to deliver a high standard of work, to time and within budget.


Sites are planned and controlled by one manager, ensuring that operations run smoothly.


Risks are fully assessed on a daily basis. We are fully insured.

Clean & Tidy

We always leave a tidy site, all rubbish and any waste materials are removed as agreed.

Some Of Our Work

We design and deliver high-quality, ecologically diverse woodlands to suit your requirements.

Our woodland creation projects range from productive mixed woodlands for hill farmers, to ‘legacy’ native woodlands planted in remote highland glens.

Completed Projects
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